Hit Google and Microsoft where it hurts. Liberate yourself

Alphabet aka Google and Microsoft are 2 of the big evils on the internet and the world today.

We don’t have to discuss how evil they are, we have to find ways to destroy them, to replace them with something that is free.
The core of Google is its search and the ads.

1. create a search engine,
website crawler and most of all a querying method that is better than that of Google

2. create means for common people to monetize their websites
Google’s money maker is Adsense/Google Ads (formerly Adwords)
So people should be able to buy ads on that search engine
also people should be able to put ads on their websites and earn money

3. replace youtube
Once you have the income from search/ads you can also afford the web space to host large amounts of video

4. replace GCE
Since now you have the infrastructure you can also rent out parts of that infrastructure

5. replace Google Docs/Drive/etc
Alternatives already exist, adapt them

7. create a social network
and combat Facebook and Twitter while at it

Microsoft is a systemic problem. They have money and smear politicians and buy free and open platforms.
Github is owned by Microsoft, npm is owned by Microsoft. Microsoft is the mother of all evil.
Microsoft buys more and more into formerly open source products and extends their control over them using them to harrass and censor free speech.
A self hosted alternative to Github already exists called gitea or gogs. Gitea is a gogs fork.

The world is taken over by ruthless corporations like Google and Microsoft and Facebook.
They need to be destroyed. Let’s do it.

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