Watching Trump’s live stream opinions

So I’m watching the live stream of Trump’s rally.
The impression I get is, he knows that his ass in on fire and that he’s going down. He knows that he has lost.
He’s like this big pampered, spoonfed, entitled baby who got everything showed up his ass and is now strampling like the little demon he his while he’s falling down back to the hell he spawned out of.

But what I find interesting is, he’s loud and attentionwhoring but where’s Biden?
Media aren’t reporting much about him.

What is Bernie Sanders’ stance on Biden?
We know that we wanted Sanders 2016 and the Democrats backstabbed us and that’s the main reason, abeit not the only reason Trump won 2016.

Long term there needs to be a solution to Democrat dictatorship and corruption. Trump is not the answer. Trump means war and death of civil liberties and a huge step back to the dark ages. Biden is the lesser of two evils but why are there only two evils? Why are there only 2 options for the American citizen? It’s essentially two sides of the same medal, with that lunatic Trump being an exception.

America is a fucked up country. Yes, make America Great AgainTM, but Trump’s way is not making America great. America isn’t the only country that’s fucked up.
Germany and the EU are corrupt, China we don’t have to talk about them, Turkey, Russia all corrupt. The whole world is in a bad place.
But this is not the time for that topic. America is fucked up and still viewed as a cultural leader of the “free” world.
I believe that the fine American people are able to change for the better, unlike the old world EU which is completely in hands of the “elite” and has done a coupe de grace of its population with the Lisboa treaty and subsequent treaties.
America can be great again and I’d like to see that but not with Trump and not with Biden either. Like I said, Biden is the lesser of two evils. Dump Trump then work on better alternatives than the corrupt Democrats.

Should Trump win, which I don’t have the impression that he will, because his track record speaks against him and especially what he did in the last few months this year, suppress and kidnap demonstrants, occupy towns with the national guard etc. It would mean civil war in the USA. And the question is if he loses will he go without a fight ,without bloodshed?

We’ll see.

Kommentar zur aktuellen Kirchendebatte 2020

Ich bin kein Kirchengänger, ein Leben nach dem Tod gibt es nicht.
Ich bin nicht in Eile die Wahrheit meiner Aussagen herauszufinden, trotz alln Leids liebe ich es am Leben zu sein.

Der Mensch fürchtet sich vor dem Tod, hat natürlich Fragen und sucht Antworten.
Die Kirche bietet einfache Antworten.
Ok lassen wir das mal so stehen.

Wer Game of Thrones gesehen hat, anstatt getötet zu werden werden Männer an die Mauer geschickt.
Nun ist die Realität komplexer als Game of Thrones, aber man hat Analogien.
Die Kirche erfüllt traditionell mit Priestern, welche nicht heiraten können und sexuell unterdrückt sind, den Zweck einen unliebsamen Rivalen statt zu töten eben ins Zölibat (an die Mauer) zu schicken. Man steht nicht als Übeltäter da und hat einen Rivalen los. Es ist praktisch ein offenes Gefängnis.
Das selbe gilt natürlich auch für Nonnen.
Die Kirche ist also ein politisches Instrument, traditionell.

Die Zeiten von King Henry sind vorbei, obwohl man oft den Eindruck hat das wir noch immer im Mittelalter leben nur mit fortgeschrittener Technologie.

Why do I have an android tv when I can’t watch porn with it?

I for one will never buy another android tv again, ever.
Google is acting like this nanny how wants to tell you that watching porn is bad for you. No it’s not. I want to see naked bitches getting fucked and eat cum.
But Google has something to say there.
Not only can’t you download files with its default browser. Now you can’t even watch porn with the default browser anymore. This used to work last year.
So I installed some “Download” app, but in order to browse a webpage with that app you need to install a sideloaded browser…
or you can type in the very-long-url-that-cant-even-be-properly-repesented-here with the tv remote…
and so I did. I typed in that URL and it downloaded the .apk file of pornhub.
So now you think, happy end? Wrong.
First you have to go back into settings and enable apk files from untrusted sources.
Then you’re able to install the app on 2nd try. The UI is absolutely horrible.
Well nice, Porn at last? Nope.
The Pornhub Android app is written for a smartphone… or tablet…
That means… even if you can run the app, you can’t control it. So you see a list of all those nice tittes and pussies but you can’t tap them (pun intended) to see the action.
Nope a TV remote is apparently something completely different to a cursor.
So what’s next?
I installed Teamviewer Host, because hey it’s Teamviewer, they’re from to town where I live and TeamViewer has been working even on Linux so it’s going to work on Android TV, right?
First you have to provide credentials and entering those is another pain in the ass with a TV remote on Android TV, then you’re able to connect with the TV.
So all good now, yeah? Did you get your happy ending? Nope.
You can only observe, but not touch. So TeamViewer on Android TV is like that stripper.
Let’s explore TeamViewer, oh look you can install an add-on so you’re able to actually touch, stripper becoming a whore so to say.
But no, NOT ON THIS DEVICE you can’t. Nu-uh, this add-on is not compatible with your device.

What now? Get Opera and sideload?
Write an app to scrape Pornhub, Redtube and Xhamster?
I’m out of ideas.
But I know one thing. I will NEVER, EVER spend money on an Android device again.
In fact I won’t get a smartphone at all. All they do is track you and spy on you.

How did we get to this dystopian reality?
We’re being censored, tracked, told what we can and can’t do.
And by who? Not people with any legal authority.
Random assholes who run services that people use.
But how do we get people to no used those services?
Write better, alternate services?

Hit Google and Microsoft where it hurts. Liberate yourself

Alphabet aka Google and Microsoft are 2 of the big evils on the internet and the world today.

We don’t have to discuss how evil they are, we have to find ways to destroy them, to replace them with something that is free.
The core of Google is its search and the ads.

1. create a search engine,
website crawler and most of all a querying method that is better than that of Google

2. create means for common people to monetize their websites
Google’s money maker is Adsense/Google Ads (formerly Adwords)
So people should be able to buy ads on that search engine
also people should be able to put ads on their websites and earn money

3. replace youtube
Once you have the income from search/ads you can also afford the web space to host large amounts of video

4. replace GCE
Since now you have the infrastructure you can also rent out parts of that infrastructure

5. replace Google Docs/Drive/etc
Alternatives already exist, adapt them

7. create a social network
and combat Facebook and Twitter while at it

Microsoft is a systemic problem. They have money and smear politicians and buy free and open platforms.
Github is owned by Microsoft, npm is owned by Microsoft. Microsoft is the mother of all evil.
Microsoft buys more and more into formerly open source products and extends their control over them using them to harrass and censor free speech.
A self hosted alternative to Github already exists called gitea or gogs. Gitea is a gogs fork.

The world is taken over by ruthless corporations like Google and Microsoft and Facebook.
They need to be destroyed. Let’s do it.

Online Einkaufen ist nicht sicher

1 Woche – 2 Zwischenfälle

Eine bei Flixbus gekauftes Ticket (bzw. 2) das am nächsten Tag storniert wurde von mir wird nur als Gutschein entgolten.
Eine Kenwood Küchenmaschine verkauft von De’Longhi die unzumutbar ist und die ich zurückgeben will erhält keine Antwort auf ein Ticket.

Amazon ist die einzige Platform die tatsächlich, wenn es Probleme gibt, den Kunden nicht in die Pfanne haut.
DARUM ist Amazon erfolgreich. Nicht weil sie vermeintlich günstig sind (sind sie nicht) sondern weil es selbst nach 30 Tagen ohne Nachfrage sofort zu einer zufriedenstellenden Lösung kommt, im Sinne des Kunden.

Lobenswert soweit auch der Real Marktplatz.

Flixbus schickt nur generische, nichtssagende Antwortmails und setzt sich nicht auseinander mit dem Inhalt.
De’Longhi null Reaktion. EU Streichschlichtunsstelle einbezogen. Wird sicher nichts bringen. EU ist ohnehin ein Witz.

Fazit, das ich immer wieder erlebe: Nur noch über Amazon kaufen (oder Real). Andere Produktquellen bieten einfach zu wenig Sicherheit.
Wie kann man nur auf die Idee kommen das ein Gutschein bei einem Storno ausreicht und man nicht das Geld zurückzahlt.
Wieso sollten Reiseunternehmer anderen Regeln unterworfen sein als alle anderen Händler?

Hier noch ein Video auf das ich gestoßen bin (nicht meins) zum Thema Bewertungen.