Angular Development Server behind Nginx with Go API

You’re here because you’d like to know the nginx.conf or rather the vhost conf for nginx in order to serve an Angular dev app on your local host.
Angular listens on port 4200 with ng serve.
In my case I have a keycloak-proxy listening on port 8080.
And my api is on /api/v1/ .
My project is called “dating”.
It’s located at ~/WebstormProjects/dating/ .

So let’s make this simple.

So again this is for the DEVELOPMENT server. Production has different settings.

keycloak: upstream sent too big header while reading response header from upstream

The relevant bits on how to solve this header too big error message

For a whole keycloak listening on default port 8080 example with letsencrypt see below

Create MySQL Database and User – the proper way

I read so much bullshit about how to create a mysql user and database, in most cases it’s not just inefficient but also wrong.

So here is the best and most efficient way to create a MySQL database and user with password:


No create user, then database then give user access then update password.
Just those 2 lines. Nothing more.