CentOS7 Xen grub2 can’t find command multiboot – solution

Ok so you have a fresh installation of CentOS7 were following the CentOS Xen quick start and you have an EFI BIOS and you’re unable to boot the Xen kernel. This is how it’s fixed: You boot from any other kernel and login, etc..

Then edit /boot/efi/EFI/centos/grub.cfg (with nano, vi, vim or whatever) Right […]

Help needed for open source project

Is anyone interested in creating a reference forum design/layout for https://git.icod.de/dalu/forum ? – dashboard – classic index, aka list categories – list forums (in category) – list threads (in forum) – list posts (in thread) https://github.com/dalu/forum/projects/1 every element should be individually stylable (styleable?). e.g. etc… either responsive or mobile view and desktop view also – […]