centos 7 & mysql 5.7 gpg key error proper solution

If you’re running CentOS7 and using the MySQL 5.7 community rpm package you might’ve ran into this error response:

Seems like Oracle has changed their GPG key and it’s not uploaded to gpg servers yet, at least yum can’t find the new key.
So you have to manually replace your key.

Disabling gpgcheck is a very bad idea and should never be done, despite what some chinese blogger suggests for a solution. (https://www.cnblogs.com/minseo/p/15835416.html)
The proper solution is to take the key from the mysql5.7 gpg signature checking documentation page and replace the current contents of /etc/pki/rpm-gpg/RPM-GPG-KEY-mysql with this key.

I will replicate the key here, but be sure to check mysql5.7 gpg signature checking documentation page for the current signature.

DO NOT DISABLE gpgcheck as suggested in the chinese blog.

ionic vue invalid host header solution

You’re doing ionic with vue and are receiving an invalid host header message, black letters on white background.

Create a file vue.config.js in the project root and past this content:

I’m seeking remote work as a Go / Golang and/or Vue or Angular Backend or Full Stack Developer

Hello potential employer or contractor,

I’m seeking remote only paid work, 20-40 hours / week.
No job agencies.

I’m available as a contractor or as an employee.
My location in winter is Göppingen, Germany – in summer Rijeka, Croatia.
I’m registered in Germany, that’s also where my business is registered.

I currently only have a resume up in German at https://resume.icod.de/

You can also get in touch via comments or https://icod.de/kontakt