Annoying sites embedding Medium as their primary blog

Medium as most tech world inhabitants are probably aware is a blogging platform.
And it so happens that many use it to run their main blog there.
They often have either their main domain or some blog. subdomain C-Named or Frame embedded.
Well it’s super annoying because Medium fills up the history and you can’t use the back button.
You have to mash the back button like 5 times to go back and it’s not guaranteed.
Likewise you’re asked EVERY damned time if you want to accept cookies.

The last site I visited like this was Angular’s blog. I hit the back button, nothing. Hit it again, nothing, mashed it until I landed somewhere I was an hour ago.

Because of this I’m not considering to switch from Angular to Reagent. You can’t even create single page apps and I mean a single page app, an embeddable SPA with Angular. You can however with React / Reagent.


Keyboard Manufacturers – Stop creating wireless keyboards

I don’t want my body to be stressed out from all the electro-smog around me.
I’d like to become 100 years old without illnesses.

I don’t want to find out I have colon or prostate cancer because the keyboard above my colon and balls sent out waves.

I’m electrosensitive.
Certain hardware makes my lyphs bleed.
For instance the Ryos Mk Pro keyboard that has a CPU in it in combination with the Logitech G502 mouse, which also has a CPU in it, both my hands are exposed to electro-smog and the lower part of my body is as well as is my heart and lungs.

You can imagine how drained I feel after a few hours of just sitting at the computer.

Now add to that wireless keyboards and wireless mice.
Aka even more electro-smog.

I visited the Logitech site just a few minutes ago, they have about 15 keyboards for sale.
Only ONE was wired. And it cost 99€ ?!? It didn’t even have macro keys.

Microsoft keyboards, either wireless or “ergonomic” aka useless.

Can’t you people just create MX-Red like keyboards, that are easy on the user, the have macro buttons and some, preferably dark orange lighting?
Is it too much to ask to have wired keyboards without a CPU that radiates everywhere around it?
That the CPU be shielded.

Logitech had the G19 keyboard, it cost 65€ when I bought it.
Nowadays a keyboard costs 200€ and doesn’t even have that small screen.
15 years later all you have is shit, overpriced shit for idiots.

Create something good for a change.