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A laptop for my mom

I’d like to buy a laptop for my mom.
I’m thinking cheap base, like some 300€ (which is expensive enough) 1366×768, which is good enough for browsing *most* sites, although a bit outdated. And just buy a USB HDD for her photos.
Should be like 500€ alltogether.
But then she isn’t exactly an expert.
And I’d like her to just plug in her camera and transfer her photos.
But that doesn’t work that well with Linux.
And I’m not exposing her to the dangers and spyware of Windows.
Android just doesn’t have the programs she needs, it’s basically a client for “the cloud” and I don’t want that, I don’t want her to store her stuff on other people’s computers.

Crap ass laptops are way too expensive.
I’m not paying 700€ for a freaking laptop that’s used to Skype, Facebook and browse cooking recipes and stuff like email and photo storage.

Then there’s the Dell Inspirion 3000 with a Celeron N3050 for 280€. 1366×768
Then there are those 4th gen U cpu laptops. They suck. 480€
Next step 630€
Too expensive. I don’t care.

And btw why does a 1920×1080 display that costs 77 USD make for an increased price of 300 € compared to 1600×900 or 1366×768 displays? I understand they want to make a buck but holy fucking shit, 300€ ? For what? Hot air?

And if you buy this crap it’s bound to break after 2 years.
That’s the thing. I wouldn’t mind paying more if I knew it would last 10 years. But that’s not the case. Today’s technology breaks after 2 years.
Where are the products that lasted a lifetime?

So what should I get?
There is no “buy refurbished” with laptops.
You know, then I see laptops, built in GPU, Intel only and they sell for 1500€ WTF
For what again?

The search continues…