1 year Valve Steam ban for complaining after being griefed by a player in Fallout 76

Imagine walking down the street, taking a break in a cafe, sitting outside when all of a sudden some psycho comes along and starts beating you and robbing you.
Imagine then going to the police to report this incident and the police putting you in jail for one year for reporting it.

The equivalent in game terms happened on Valve’s Steam platform.

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RKI Dashboard Genesungen?

Beim RKI Dashboard steht ja immer nur die Gesamtzahl der Infizierten dran. Das diese ständig steigt ist dann ja nicht verwunderlich. Wieviele davon sind aber wieder gesund geworden? Und warum steht das nicht dran?

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 1050-L has a new update

LRX22C.YT2-1050L_USR_S100408_2001102108_WW52_ROW dev-keys

What was the update?

I don’t know.

All I can see in the “about tablet” screen is a new kernel built January 10, 2020. Kernel version is still 3.10. Android version is still 5.0.1.
The tablet is still slow af.

After this neglect I have sworn to never buy a Lenovo product again. You can’t mod it, They don’t give a shit about software updates.
The hardware still works but what use is it when they don’t fix security issues and don’t stay up to date with Android versions?
If there was a way to replace the OS with your own build, but their bootloader doesn’t protect the tablet from intruders, it protects Lenovo’s interests in selling new models despite the old ones still working.
And since our laws and politicians are corrupt this won’t change.

So all we can do is boycott those swindlers.