1 year Valve Steam ban for complaining after being griefed by a player in Fallout 76

Imagine walking down the street, taking a break in a cafe, sitting outside when all of a sudden some psycho comes along and starts beating you and robbing you.
Imagine then going to the police to report this incident and the police putting you in jail for one year for reporting it.

The equivalent in game terms happened on Valve’s Steam platform.

NOTE: The original post aka the post being referenced was deleted by Valve.
That’s a new low for the censoring game industry.

Since Fallout76 had this Wasterlanders update I thought I’d give it a try.
I was killed by a guy named NosendFR who was obviously cheating, because I couldn’t damage him (I usually 1-2hit “hard” enemies).
He kept spawnraping and despite me being immovable and having a steal unit active he was able to see me and target and hit me.
Later I tried to get back at him and demolish his house, but I couldn’t scratch it.
Someone launched a nuke and I went there to ambush him while he was fighting the Scrochbeast Queen.
I swung my 2 handed hammer at him multiple times but it went right through him.
So this guy was cheating.
I complained on the Steam forum of this game about that which resulted in a 52 week ( = 1 year ) ban by Valve. Not a forum moderator did this, but Valve’s support did this.

Previously I was banned from the game forum of Telltale’s game Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord (fitting name eh) for pointing out the obvious astroturfing there.
Every critical thread would get locked and deleted but not before always the same hand full of astroturfers would try to tarnish the thread creator’s reputation.
Banned for a week. I gave them a thumbs down and mentioned that in the review, that this game was unfinished and had no content and they justified the hight price of 45€ for an unfinished game with “it’s a sandbox game” and “it’s early access”.

Steam censorship at its finest. Remove all critical voices. That is by design.
Valve is a piece of shit company that does not deserve any income.
Censorship in the gaming industry is a problem. And censorship as a whole is a big problem.
Facebook for instance believes it can ignore freedom of speech and use censorship.
Twitter and other media do the same.
Well I don’t think I’ll let that happen.

The metacritic site, aka the only other means to show those despots what you think of them, is so slow that it’s almost unusable.

I say the despotism of Valve needs to be stopped. Being banned for reporting the truth should be treated as a criminal offense.
Of course the companies are interested in banning people who are criticizing their product. But that should be punishable by law, because it is against the law.
“House right” doesn’t mean that national laws can be ignored.

Since Valve also removes unwanted content on Reddit, I’m not a Reddit regular by any means, but one has to get the word out about injustice, I have created a subreddit for people that have been banned from the community on Steam

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