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Banned by Facebook and Twitter on the same day ;)

How’s the saying go? “Old and busted: Banned by Facebook for writing something, New hotness: Banned by Twitter for trying to insult Facebook”

So there is a Handball team, Frisch Auf Göppingen. They won a match against whoever and I commented on it, because the image showed something like

HCE 23 : 26 FAG


Caution: Kernel 5.3.4 and RAID0 default_layout

When you have a RAID0 array that is made up of 2 or more devices that are not the same size, at least on Archlinux since Kernel version 5.3.4 you will have trouble booting.
You will get the message:


BCI Better Cotton is a greenwashing scam

If you ever wondered what that green BCI label on the piece of cloth you’re buying means:
It means nothing at all. It means the cotton that was used in producing your piece of cloth might have went through child labor and or forced labor.
It also means that when growing the cotton crops GMO is used as well as herbicides and pesticides.
There is a documentary by a French TV program called “Cotton: The Other Side of Our T-Shirts”.
I watched it on TV now in Croatia, seems like it’s restricted to French countries only.
The following article is the only article I was able to find while searching Google.
I have also added the information to the German BCI Wikipedia page.
This is the article I was able to find:
French Documentary Team Exposes the Dirty Truth About Overseas Cotton
Try searching for BCI scam or similar words yourself. You will not find much at all.
Because BCI is sold as “the better cotton”, the real better cotton, 100% organic cotton is on the decline.


Facebook is promoting the sales of weapons

I had created a page on Facebook. It’s a video site for the Eritrean community. Before I was even able to post a video on that page the whole domain was banned by them.
No explanation. No response to appeals.

When I created the page Eritreans from Adis Abeba have sent friend requests. I didn’t know them, but the more the merrier, right?
One guy though had weapons for his profile picture, knifes, guns, automatic rifles etc.
I wrote on my wall that I don’t want to be friends with people like those and I don’t want to be friends with extremists or fundamentalists or anyone who is against the progress of humanity as a whole. I love peace and hate weapons.

Facebook’s stupid AI or maybe even a person, since they employ low-cost content screeners from underpaid countires, anyhow I got put into the “loves weapons” category.
From now I received groups suggestions about military groups, about weapons lovers.
I wrote a message to Facebook telling them to remove the association. No response at all.
I posted or rather commented on their page post to remove the association.
I wrote on my wall, that I hate weapons, weapons are bad etc, and finally if they don’t remove that association I would delete my profile for good.
And this is what I have done.

Facebook is the worst of the worst.
And the hypocricy, showing a boob nipple triggers a dialog where you have to submit to them and promise to never post any more pictures like those.
But killing machines, whole groups and pages of killing machines – weapons, are acceptable for Facebook.
And they censor the truth. “Hate speech” they call it.

Facebook needs to die. Really I urge everyone to delete their Facebook account.
They act like they can tell you what to post and what not to.
And they sell every bit of information you give them.
They are ruthless.

Is that acceptable for you?
It isn’t for me.
Facebook is part of the problem.

For me them associating me with weapons is like associating me with pedophilia. It’s lies and slander. How DARE they!?

Facebook are a bunch of assholes