Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 1050-L has a new update

LRX22C.YT2-1050L_USR_S100408_2001102108_WW52_ROW dev-keys

What was the update?

I don’t know.

All I can see in the “about tablet” screen is a new kernel built January 10, 2020. Kernel version is still 3.10. Android version is still 5.0.1.
The tablet is still slow af.

After this neglect I have sworn to never buy a Lenovo product again. You can’t mod it, They don’t give a shit about software updates.
The hardware still works but what use is it when they don’t fix security issues and don’t stay up to date with Android versions?
If there was a way to replace the OS with your own build, but their bootloader doesn’t protect the tablet from intruders, it protects Lenovo’s interests in selling new models despite the old ones still working.
And since our laws and politicians are corrupt this won’t change.

So all we can do is boycott those swindlers.


Disable “DO THE FIVE: Help stop coronavirus” tip, called promo on the bottom in Chrome or Chromium in the new page tab

  1. go to chrome://flags/#ntp-dismiss-promos
  2. optional: find Dismiss promos on the New Tab Page manually
  3. set it to Enabled
  4. Restart chrome or chromium


Resourcen für Coronavirus Skeptiker

Einfach nur eine Sammlung von Internet Links

Coronavirus Patent von 2015

Video über Ein Event201 das vor dem Ausbruch als Übung genutzt wurde

wird evtl fortgesetzt


Fix choppy audio or video in VLC

For years I had issues with VLC under Linux. Whenever I would skip forward playing a video the audio playback would get choppy. I recognized that from buffer underruns when doing music production, but I’ve never really given it much thought, I simple stopped using VLC and switched to MPC (media player classic, which is great stuff).

Anyhow I dealt with the problem. THe solution is to increase the buffer sizes.
But the configuration option is not found where you’d expect it, oh no, some of those “pr0 VLC gods” hid it well.

Go to Tools -> Preferences
On the bottom left there’s a radio button ( ) Simple ( ) All
click on (x) All
Find the Input / Codecs entry on the left side in the list of options
on the right side, scroll down, all the way down to advanced.
There are 4 values you can change
File caching (ms) [300]
Live capture caching (ms) [300]
Disc caching (ms) [300]
Network caching (ms) [1000]

Those are the defaults
Change them all too 1000 and save.

If you’re still having issues, increase those values in 200ms steps.

Allgemein Politik

Coronavirus: In Serbien werden Masken und Handschuhe an die Bevölkerung verteilt, warum nicht in Deutschland?

In Serbien werden Masken und Handschuhe an die Bevölkerung verteilt, aber nicht in Deutschland.
Serbien ist ein ärmeres Land als Deutschland und hat weniger Infrastruktur, aber dort kann man Masken verteilen und eine Ausbreitung zu verhindern.
Nur in Deutschland ist das scheinbar nicht möglich. Warum?