Deutsche Bahn ist in die Cloud gezogen

Die Tagesschau sagt, “Deutsche Bahn ist in der Cloud”.

Jetzt wissen wir auch warum die Bahnpreise teurer werden.

Habt ihr das nicht auch so gern das ihr Abgaben an Microsoft und Amazon zahlt wenn ihr mit der Bahn fahrt?

Stop annoying me with cookie nag screens

The EUGDPR is pretty clear on what the default behavior should be. Deny all cookies.
That doesn’t mean that you publishers can nag people with modal dialogs about their cookie preferences.
Your site is not important. The moment I see this dialog I navigate back without ever coming back, on my phone.
On the stationary computer if the content is interesting enough I manually block all cookies and do away in the browser’s DOM with the nagscreen.

What’s a better alternative?
Should the visitor ever want to create an account at your site, then you can ask them of their cookie preferences.
NO ONE has cookie preferences.
Stop adding nag screens to your websites.
I’m not coming to your website to deal with cookie choices, but to receive information.

Your nagging won’t change people’s opinions about their privacy.

Nokia to build NASA’s LTE/4G network on the moon

Nokia selected by NASA to build first ever cellular network on the Moon

LTE/4G technology promises to revolutionize lunar surface communications by delivering reliable, high data rates while containing power, size and cost.

Revolutionize lunar surface communications… let that sink in. That is bullshit babble 1st class. Where previously is nothing *any* attempt at building something would “revolutionize” anything.

Communications will be a crucial component for NASA’s Artemis program, which will establish a sustainable presence on the Moon by the end of the decade.

2 things. 1st, that’s news to me that NASA is planning to “establish a sustainable presence on the Moon by the end of the decade”.
2nd So they’re building a resort to retreat from the planet and “save” a few hands full of “cruicial, system relevant people” when they’ve destroyed this planet.

This means de facto that the richards of the world have no intention to stop what they’re doing that is killing the planet’s ecosystem and population and are building a means to escape for a few generations when most population has died out from either war or hunger and thirst and has devolved back into apes most of the population are now anyway. Soulless consumers blinded by money.
Just imagine there’s a really dangerous pandemic on earth, pest-like or ebola on a grand scale and the “important” *cough* people will just take a 10 year vacation on the moon while the rest dies.
Restarting the world.
I have zero doubt a piece of shit like Donald Trump and the likes would do it in a heartbeat.

Disable tracker3 which gtk3 depends on

tracker3, a dependency of GTK, a widget toolkit… a tracking library being a dependency of a widget toolkit… the idiocy.
The things we complain about in Windows for privacy concerns are just blindly accepted in Linux. Stupidity reigns supreme.
I can already hear the critics of this post “you’re the one who’s stupid, it’s a filesystem indexer and metadata store”.
Orly. No shit. Then why is it a required dependency of *THE* base library of gnome and other desktop environments that use GTK?
Trust no one, especially people with an agenda and supposedly “free” stuff.

Linux has the very nice find command. find ./ -name whatever.ext. Why do I need a deamon running in the background tracking everything I do?
I don’t. It’s an unnecessary waste of resources (that means power, money) that always runs in the background.

You can disable it though.

This is for Archlinux. It should be at the same location in other distributions, we’re folloing conventions right?

What does chmod -x mean? It sets the file to not be able to be executed (ran).
What does chattr +i mean? A file with the ‘i’ attribute cannot be modified: it cannot be deleted or renamed, no link can be created to this file, most of the file’s metadata can not be modified, and the file can not be opened in write mode. Only the superuser or a process possessing the CAP_LINUX_IMMUTABLE capability can set or clear this attribute.

Baldur’s Gate 3? It sucks

This was written for the pre-release version, the 5 or so years of “early access”.
The complete game is actually good, but the critique about the starter area is still valid.
Also the game is incomplete, a whole city area in act 3 was cut.

Why does it suck?
Because of missed expectations.
It’s Divinity Original Sin 3, not Baldur’s Gate 3.

It starts great, with an interesting story, but what comes next is not interesting. It’s the starter island of DOS2 revisited.
Everywhere you go the environment wants to kill you.
Traps, goblins, nazi druids. Everything is packed, there’s no normal way of life. One occurence to the next and one area to the next. Suddenly you’re in a swamp and then you’re in a rocky dry area. Come on, what is this? A tech demo?
You don’t even have full customizablilty of your characters. Why am I limited to 17 dex on a rogue? And the wizard can go either evocation based or abjuration based. Why not necromancy or illusion or conjuration?

Baldur’s Gate was a milestone, just like NWN was. But Baldur’s Gate 3 is not that. It’s DOS2 with a “proper” D&D skin.
And it makes too heavy use of non-sensical dice checks.
The game “Low magic age” has a more in-depth and accurate adaption of the D&D ruleset than BG3.

I am disappoint.

Graphics and sound are nice but who cares? There are so many glitches and it’s a damn slap in the face that the customer is supposed to play tester and pay for playing tester.

In it’s current state the verdict is 2/10