Baldur’s Gate 3? It sucks

Why does it suck?
Because of missed expectations.
It’s Divinity Original Sin 3, not Baldur’s Gate 3.

It starts great, with an interesting story, but what comes next is not interesting. It’s the starter island of DOS2 revisited.
Everywhere you go the environment wants to kill you.
Traps, goblins, nazi druids. Everything is packed, there’s no normal way of life. One occurence to the next and one area to the next. Suddenly you’re in a swamp and then you’re in a rocky dry area. Come on, what is this? A tech demo?
You don’t even have full customizablilty of your characters. Why am I limited to 17 dex on a rogue? And the wizard can go either evocation based or abjuration based. Why not necromancy or illusion or conjuration?

Baldur’s Gate was a milestone, just like NWN was. But Baldur’s Gate 3 is not that. It’s DOS2 with a “proper” D&D skin.
And it makes too heavy use of non-sensical dice checks.
The game “Low magic age” has a more in-depth and accurate adaption of the D&D ruleset than BG3.

I am disappoint.

Graphics and sound are nice but who cares? There are so many glitches and it’s a damn slap in the face that the customer is supposed to play tester and pay for playing tester.

In it’s current state the verdict is 2/10

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4 Replies to “Baldur’s Gate 3? It sucks”

  1. the game is indeed a HUGE massive disapointment yeah its in EA but its one of the WORST games ive played in EA
    clearly is a Bad Rep of D&D 5E as well.

    1. I can’t agree with that. There is a lot of attention to detail and the animations are fluid and high frame. Texture resolution is also high. The art style is also true to D&D.
      I have not played in 4k resolution yet, because I’m stuck down in Croatia because there’s no way to get back to Germany because of COVID19 and cancelled trains.

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