Lost Ark: Can’t play on EU servers? 10027? Switch region to US East and play without queues

You’ve been trying to play Lost Ark on Central European servers and you’re getting 10027 error or high queues?
Why bother going through all that nerve wrecking stuff?
Just switch the server region to US East.
It’s the closest one to Europe and ping is between 90-110ms, absolutely playable fine.

Here’s how you can do that without logging into the game. The error 10027 won’t let you pick a region, it straight boots you back to the operating system.

1. Grab a proper text editor, for instance

2. Find Lost Ark’s installation directory
If playing via Steam:

  1. Right click Lost Ark in the Library
  2. Click on properties
  3. Under Local Files click Browse…. An explorer window will open.
  4. Navigate to EFGame and then Config and edit the file UserOption.xml

Either right click and “open with code” or “edit with notepad++”.
Scroll down to the bottom of the file you will see something like this:

replace the CE with WE
WE means West Europe
CE means Central Europe
EA means East America
WA means West America
SA means South America

Updated: EA WE is the geographically closest to CE, that is your pick.
Save the file and start Lost Ark and enjoy playing without queues or 10027 error.

Should you later decide to switch back you can do it in game or just edit this back to CE


19.02.2022 updated recommendation to West Europe from US East.

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