Upgrade Keycloak Standalone with Postgres from 16.1.0 to 17.0.0 with custom port behind nginx reverse proxy

What a nightmare.

You’re using keycloak and are upgrading from Wildfly 16.1.0 to Quarkus 17.0.0.
You’re also listening on a non-standard port, that isn’t 8080, but 23232.
You’re using a reverse proxy like nginx for TLS
and Keycloak is connected via plain http with nginx.

Grab your standalone.xml found in /standalone/configuration/standalone.xml
and find your postgres jdbc connection string as well as postgresql username and password.

edit conf/keycloak.conf

With this everything should work as before.

You also have to upgrade your Java version to be at least v11. Keycloak 17 won’t run with v8.

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