Vue, especially Quasar is the same Kindergarten PHP was around 2013

So I decided I’d drink the kool-aid and try Quasar, the supposedly one size fits all frontend development script.
It uses Vue 2 at the moment of writing. It essentially borrows the hard work of what others did and uses it to make it shine in a supposedly bright light.

Compared to Angular Vue is miles behind in just about everything.
The community is immature and reminds me of the stupidity of PHP’s around 2013.

It’s essentially most accessible for everyone and that’s why it attracts the lowlifes.

If you’re a professional developer I’d suggest you stay away from Vue and especially Quasar.
You’ll end up fighting supposed “experts” who use personal insults to not-answer questions you have.

For instance I wanted to know if they use a webview to essentially wrap the html/js/css output in a webview.
The answer was a personal attack.

Kindergarten Quasar/Vue.

There is not a single proper database

I’m so tired of it.
I’m using MongoDB and you can store files, great. But the Go driver, the official one sucks.
And the mgo driver is abandoned. The official driver is also slow, slower than Postgresql. 3.2ms for querying a dataset of 5k entries and another {“_id”: {“$in”: [“list”, “of”, “objectids”]}} that’s 1-20 long and 3 on average?
Compared to PHP that’s lightning fast I guess, but for Go standards it isn’t.

There is not one single database system that does it all.
Files, JSON, simple query language, no schema migrations required and most of all distributed and change detection and notification of.

I guess it’s all part of the job but I really wish humanity would advance and not take 1 step forward, 2 steps back to bullshit jargon the next step ahead as innovation where in reality it’s just fixing the bs that they had produced in the first place.

diesel: Failed with: relation “__diesel_schema_migrations” does not exist

If you’re exporting an existing database with pg_dump and trying to use that exported SQL with diesel and your initial migration, even after diesel setup has been done and get this message:

Failed with: relation "__diesel_schema_migrations" does not exist

Then you likely have the following line in your postgreSQL dump:

it needs to be changed to

in order for the import to work.

Abwendung von Go und Github – Hin zu Rust und gogs

Dadurch das Google mit gängelt und speziell Ian Lance Taylor von Go mich angreift und mein Github Profil nicht-öffentlich geflaggt hat, durch “gute Beziehungen” zu Github, habe ich beschlossen mich langsam aber stetig von Go abzuwenden und Rust zuzuwenden. 7 Jahre mit Go aber wenn so ein Google Mitarbeiter dich im Visier hat dann greift er nicht nur dich an, sondern deine Google zugehörigen Konten und alles was er über dich herausfinden kann. Nationsüberzogenes Stalking.

Die Lehre daraus: Mach dich nicht abhängig von Technologiekonzernen. Wer sich auf andere verlässt macht sich angreifbar und wie das Sprichwort schön sagt, ist selbst verlassen.
Go ist eine Sprache die Google gehört und das zeigen sie auch. Rust ist eine Sprache die keinem Konzern gehört und wirklich Quelloffen ist.

Es gibt einen schönen Beitrag auf zur praktischen Anwendung von Rust:

actix-web – für das routing und die Auslieferung
diesel – weil der offizielle MongoDB Treiber noch in Arbeit ist und somit Postgres verwendet wird
askama – für den Jinja klon, templates

für i18n i10n muss ich noch was finden, möglicherweise fluent oder gettext

Was github angeht, einer Platform die von Microsoft betrieben wird, und deren erste Handlung es war das Löschen von Inhalten einzuführen kann nicht vertraut werden.
Microsoft ist auch als Erweiterung des Amerikanischen Staats anzusehen, was die Spionage der Bevölkerung angeht (Beispiel Schwarzhäutiger Freund der nach USA einreisen will, und die Grenzbehörden haben Zugang zu seinem Hotmail Konto).

Ebenso muss man auch mit öffentlicher Cloud verfahren. GCE, AWS, Azure sind alle nicht vertrauenswürdig, dazu noch abnormal teuer.

Go Golang developers delete issue about changing their brand and ban user suggesting it (updated 14.06.2020)

A while ago I created an issue on the issue tracker because the I find the choice of fonts, but in retrospect also layout and overall design, look and feel of the site was a step back.
After a while this spf13 replied that the font was chosen according to “brand” and there would need to be a very compelling reason to change it. I responded they should then change the brand. Some guy named Ian, apparently some 2019 newcomer closed the issue then and acted passive-aggressively, to which I also responded in the same fashion and demanded the issue to be reopened.
Yesterday I started a poll about godoc being better then the new go packages site here on the golang reddit subcommunity. If the polls would be pro godoc I’d show them the results, if not I’d abstain from my crusade and find local means to change the way the online documentation was displayed.
Since it wasn’t reopened I created a new issue demanding the “brand” to be reverted back to what it was pre this ridiculous change, the ugly logo, the uninspired design, the removal of the gopher mascot, the ugly and badly readable Roboto font.
Go is not Google. Go is the Go users and deleting an issue is an act of censorship, also banning someone for submitting an issue. I hold this Ian person responsible. He’s an old fart who thinks he owns the place and can dictate what’s right and what isn’t.
As a result I’m removing all Google Analytics scripts from my sites in the next few days. And I’m looking to move away from Go, because apparently Google owns Go and not its users and contributors and bans anyone who goes against their dogma and oppression.
I’m also moving away from using Go as a consequence and also suggest it to everyone I meet online or in real life.
Likely this post will also get deleted and me banned from this subcommunity, no worries I’m be proactive and remove myself from it, since my interest in Go has gone -> 0.
If you don’t fight oppression, it will spread like a plague. I hope you, who did this, get COVID-19 and die from it along with your family.

Update 12.06.2020: After posting this Google is now harrassing me via Adsense to “fix” a site that hasn’t had any issues since 2006. Google or rather Alphabet is the worst piece of shit company on the planet. Censoring and harrassing bastards with an holier than thou attitude.

Update 14.06.2020: I quote:

Coverage issues detected on

To the owner of

Search Console has identified that your site is affected by 1 Coverage issues:

Top Warnings

Warnings are suggestions for improvement. Some warnings can affect your appearance on Search; some might be reclassified as errors in the future. The following warnings were found on your site:

Indexed, though blocked by robots.txt

We recommend that you fix these issues when possible to enable the best experience and coverage in Google Search.

Also, my account was “flagged” aka hidden from public with a big red notice about it when I log in.

Because I dared suggest they change the brand of the Go language?
Fuck Google, Fuck Go, Fuck Ian Lance Taylor that cocksucker