MySQL 5.7 Reset Root Password

The most simple way to reset the root password of MySQL 5.7 on CentOS 7

OpenID-Connect being ridiculous

I’m reading the Android AppAuth readme because I’m playing with Android development. So since I use Keycloak and OpenID-Connect I’d like to utilize it for authentication and authorization. What I find hypocritical and actually really funny, also considering this Ian McGin guy is a total dick, the fat warning about utilizing client secrets. Really, if […]

Golang self-signed certificate

The simplest way to create a self-signed certificate with Go:

or ecdsa 10 years duration

Annoying sites embedding Medium as their primary blog

Medium as most tech world inhabitants are probably aware is a blogging platform. And it so happens that many use it to run their main blog there. They often have either their main domain or some blog. subdomain C-Named or Frame embedded. Well it’s super annoying because Medium fills up the history and you can’t […]