Angular multipart/formdata

You would like to upload or post something not as an application/json but as a multipart/formdata. It’s pretty simple, simpler than you would’ve thought 🙂 1. create the FormData instance

then you can use .set or .append methods to add values to the post body of the FormData.

and finally we upload it […]

Angular, EventSource, Go and wasted lifetime

If you have ever used EventSource and Angular and have read all the other blog posts and github issues and Stackoverflow posts and nothing worked, then you’ve probably come here and will happily leave knowing you solved your problem. First of all I use cobra, I know, get to the point. As part of cobra […]

Go database changes notifications over websocket. Generic solution. Reactive apps.

Do you know the problem when you’re writing single page apps and you have to manually update your data from the backend because you know you have just made a change and want the current state to update in “real time”? So you either load the data again by hand/initialite a refresh of the data, […]