Prophecy: If Russia doesn’t start a war USA will do a false flag operation to start one

The USA is known for false flag operations since at least 9/11. Letting planes crash into buildings by not preventing it despite better knowledge as well as blowing up their own buildings with controlled demolitions, thus justifying a war against Iraq and Afghanistan.

Now Joe Biden is president and he became so because the USA had a, as they say, pathological liar and troll commanding, Donald Trump.
People picked the supposedly lesser evil.
Biden turns out to be a faschist warmonger. He pulled troops out of Afghanistan because they were needed elsewhere and he didn’t want a 2 front war. As we have learned from World War 2 – 2 fronts equal losing the war. Yes, this is extremely simplified.

The USA and NATO is doing everything to provoke a war.
Biden’s rating is below zero so to speak and Russia is rich in resources. So the USA is planning to do with Russia, the largest country on the planet what they did to countless other countries before – plunder it. Since the “threat scenario” of “the muslim god warriors threatening freedom of the west” is no longer present, they do what all evil rulers do – create a new enemy, or in this case, revive an old one. 40 years of cold war rhetoric worked before.

But Russia has changed and so has the global stage.
And the USA has changed too, for the worse.

I’m predicting, and I hope my prediction won’t come true, that the USA will conduct a false flag operation to fake Russia attacking Ukraine to justify an aggressive war against Russia.
The American oligarchs don’t care about lives of people, they care about profits and selling weapons means good profits.
The USA would then be akin to Nazi Germany by starting a world war with a false flag operation. As I have written they already bullied and plundered 2 countries.
Just the other day I read they want to confiscate half of Afghanistan’s frozen assets justifying it with that money was US money anyway.

We can see, the USA needs money because ruthless politicians have wasted it on wars and corruption.
The American war machine or like they say military industrial complex is the largest source of global warming on the planet.

The USA needs to de-militiarize. “COVID didn’t kill enough – we need a war to sustain our way of life” is probably the baseline idea.

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