Watch out! It’s the Angular Thought Police!

So, yesterday I was visiting Angular’s discord server, because after a little over a month with Vue I was missing Angular’s components and way to express event listeners and 2-way binding of variables as well as the class based approach.
Vue2 is a simple, super productive framework, especially with Quasar, with a rich ecosystem and excellent libraries like vuex-orm, which is really fantastic, mind blowing.
It’s not perfect, nothing in this world is. The same way that Angular isn’t perfect or React or Svelte.
The worst part of Angular is the forced rxjs, if you’re doing anything more complex than a Hello World application anyway.

So I came to the Angular Discord server, to the #offtopic channel to say something along the lines of:
“What I’d like: Angular components with vuex and without rxjs, because I hate rxjs”
There was a new guy in there, who was talking about route guards and I told him they’re just cosmetic and suggested that he should use Keycloak as the oidc provider, also linked the best library for oidc client in Angular.
Best, because it’s the most mature and I did try ng-keycloak before.
Anyhow I also told the new guy that if he learns rxjs he’ll also understand Flutter later should he decide to use that at some point in the future.
Angular’s discord has a code of conduct.
A few minutes later 2 light blue colored names pop up in #offtopic.
One of them opens up by calling me a troll. Did you read your own code of conduct? Calling someone a troll is a personal attack, and as a moderator you should know that.
Next guy tries to start a fight with me, attacking me, saying I don’t know how to use rxjs therefore I must hate it, and that the word hate is a strong word.
What are you, a bleeding pussy? I hate rxjs, I dislike it.
I know what he was playing at though. That the learning curve of it is so steep that people do hate it.
I’m not one of those guys. I’ve been working with AngularJS and later Angular. AngularJS since its release and brain-wash (I mean, marketing) via Google+.
Angular, I picked it up later, with Angular4. So that’s 4 years of rxjs.
If you work with something for 4 years, you either understand what it does or you don’t.
What are the implications of you not understanding something that you worked with for 12+ hours a day for the last 4 years?
You must be an idiot.

I told tought police officer 2 who started attacking me, that yes there was a learning curve and there is a EUREKA moment where you think, “this is awesome, I get it”.
Until… until you find something that’s better. In my case that’s Vue+Vuex+Vuex-ORM.
In 1 months of this stack I’ve launched 2 websites, 1 backend admin ui, including 2 backends written in Go.
There’s this one Angular project I keep not working on for the last 2 years because I hate rxjs and how unproductive it is.
It’s a forum, a multi-forum frontend actually with real time updates.
However I didn’t come to that discord server to discuss way I personally don’t like rxjs.
RxJS has its place, but it’s not a general purpose tool.
But when you’re in Google territory having a diverging opinion means you’re called a troll, racist or other.
Google is the most racist company, but that’s not the point of this post.

It’s Angular’s thought police.
The moment you have an opinion that is not part of the official ideology you’re subject to ad hominem attacks.

What I find interesting, I wrote “You’re incapable of seeing outside your box”, to which thought police officer 2 replied, “I don’t even use Angular”.
This morning in bed I was thinking about that, “Is that so? Then why do you have a funky colored name and are vehemently defending rxjs and attacking me?”

Homogeneous groups tend to follow ideologies, like the Nazi Party or the Communist Party. It seems like Angular is not different.

Without criticism there is no progress. Without telling what’s wrong there is no evolution.
Angular came to be because AngularJS was lacking, was missing something. Vue guy, who was working on AngularJS picked it up made it better, called it Vue.
Other AngularJS devs created a new vision, which only had the name Angular in common.
RXJS is not the best thing since sliced bread.

When you come to a place with a certain, fresh idea to discuss this idea you don’t want to have to explain for the next 2 hours why the status quo sucks.
When you dump your girlfriend you already made up in your mind why you don’t want to bone her anymore.
Having to explain that to her and her friends for the next 2 hours with examples is not why you came to this public fountain which happens to be in the district she lives.
You don’t want to talk about that cold coffee of yesterday, because you already drank it, know what it tastes.

However Angular thought police wants you to talk about your Ex. Because for them your Ex is the best thing since sliced bread.
For me, I’m past that.

It’s the same like 2013 I switched to Go from PHP. There’s a mental break and you just don’t want to deal with it anymore. It’s in the past for you. You have your new toy and it’s more awesome with its own flaws than the older toy. But there were good things you wish you had in your new toy. The rest however is hate-worthy.
RXJS is part of Angular and the reason why it’s losing popularity, or one of the reasons.

Come on, 2 years on a project that I hate to finish vs the simplicity of Vue.
There’s nothing to discuss other than block head “moderators” of Angular’s discord doing ad hominem attacks if they find someone, in #offtopic no less, to share an opinion that is not in line with the official party ideology.
Sieg Heil, Angular “moderators”

p.s. Just now one of two “operators” of the Angular discord tell me to GTFO because I’m just the type of person they don’t want here.
So a person with different opinion from the state party line.

p.s.s. After I shared that link and told the beeman to stop pinging me I was banned from the Angular Discord.
I have sent an email to the Angular team regarding their code of conduct violations against me.
Knowing Google, they won’t do a thing about it.

Btw. While I was there I saw people post “Hail Angular” when someone shared a link to nx-flutter with the words “Get the Flutter trash outta here”.
Yeah. Real mature community. And so open minded. Nazi fucks.

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