DSL Vergleich relaunch

Das Vergleichsportal für Internetzugangstarife, DSL Tarife, Kabel Tarife, Glasfaser Tarife ist seit heute in neuer Version verfügbar.

Aktuell sind nur wenige Tarife in der Datenbank, doch das wird sich im Laufe der Zeit ändern.

Besuchen Sie folgenden Link: DSL Vergleich

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By Darko Luketic

I'm a self-employed developer since 2004. I have been working professionally since 2000. My first contact with computers was the C64 at the age of 11 where I coded in machine code and assembler. I worked with PHP professionally for 11 years, nowadays I prefer Angular, Go and Flutter, but I'm open minded. However I would dislike taking a step back to PHP. My services are for hire I'm also looking for remote employment.

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