Watching Trump’s live stream opinions

So I’m watching the live stream of Trump’s rally.
The impression I get is, he knows that his ass in on fire and that he’s going down. He knows that he has lost.
He’s like this big pampered, spoonfed, entitled baby who got everything showed up his ass and is now strampling like the little demon he his while he’s falling down back to the hell he spawned out of.

But what I find interesting is, he’s loud and attentionwhoring but where’s Biden?
Media aren’t reporting much about him.

What is Bernie Sanders’ stance on Biden?
We know that we wanted Sanders 2016 and the Democrats backstabbed us and that’s the main reason, abeit not the only reason Trump won 2016.

Long term there needs to be a solution to Democrat dictatorship and corruption. Trump is not the answer. Trump means war and death of civil liberties and a huge step back to the dark ages. Biden is the lesser of two evils but why are there only two evils? Why are there only 2 options for the American citizen? It’s essentially two sides of the same medal, with that lunatic Trump being an exception.

America is a fucked up country. Yes, make America Great AgainTM, but Trump’s way is not making America great. America isn’t the only country that’s fucked up.
Germany and the EU are corrupt, China we don’t have to talk about them, Turkey, Russia all corrupt. The whole world is in a bad place.
But this is not the time for that topic. America is fucked up and still viewed as a cultural leader of the “free” world.
I believe that the fine American people are able to change for the better, unlike the old world EU which is completely in hands of the “elite” and has done a coupe de grace of its population with the Lisboa treaty and subsequent treaties.
America can be great again and I’d like to see that but not with Trump and not with Biden either. Like I said, Biden is the lesser of two evils. Dump Trump then work on better alternatives than the corrupt Democrats.

Should Trump win, which I don’t have the impression that he will, because his track record speaks against him and especially what he did in the last few months this year, suppress and kidnap demonstrants, occupy towns with the national guard etc. It would mean civil war in the USA. And the question is if he loses will he go without a fight ,without bloodshed?

We’ll see.

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