Rezension Nvidia Shield TV 2/5 Punkte

Nvidia Shield mit Controller kostet 219 €. Ein Controller ist leider notwendig, denn die andere Fernbedienung ist leider unzureichend. Aber von Vorne… Ich habe dieses Gerät gekauft weil ich 2 Fliegen mit einer Klappe schlagen wollte. Die Idee war, ich habe einen Streamplayer der auf das gesamte App-Angebot von Android zugreifen kann. Doch dem ist […]

Current list of boycotted companies

Electronic Arts – censorship – moderator power abuse – condescending behavior Valve and their Steam platform – giving game producing companies free reign over their users, not giving a flying fuck about their users – increasing ban strategy to shut people up – still not able to re-sell your games once bought Ubisoft – for […]

Everquest 2 is a bad game run by a bad company

Everquest 2 suffers from neglect and greedy RMT (RMT = real money transactions) micro transactions. And they’re deleting any honest criticism on their “official” forum. Additional to that they ban everyone on their “official” discord who even remotely dares say anything about their shit game. Fallen Gate, the only Premium server, where you have to […]