Why is the content on HBO Max so terrible?

I open my HBO Max application on my phone or TV and find there’s literally nothing to watch.

It’s either Superman Batman bullshit, or lesbian gay trans or women empowerment bullshit. Or depressing dramas or murder mayhem movies. Or pseudo woke “knowledge” but nothing of it is entertaining. Not even the sexualized content.

Then I look over at Netflix. Stand ups, Letterman, Seinfeld, funny movies and old movies and series. Tons better, but also not worth paying money for. But at least there’s something new to watch every month. And that new stuff is entertaining.

Come HBO. I love Karen Gillian and the queen from Game of Thrones. But I don’t want to see them go around murdering people and all the while demonstrating female superiority. The men in the movie are all a laughing stock or weak.

As soon as my TV package subscription expires I will cancel HBO.

Improve your programme and drastically.

The only good series was Peacemaker with John Cena. And the sex life of college girls although that was also going in that women lesbian gay stereotype sexual abuse bullshit.

Can’t you produce something normal? Something not full of mental disease?

5% approximately of the population are LBGTQ. 95% aren’t. The majority wants peace love prosperity and happiness. Can’t you produce something for the majority? Why do I have to watch content made for the 5%?

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