Facebook has blocked an independent news site of Eritreans

shekortet.com and erena.org are independent and neutral news sites of the Eritrean diaspora.
One has news in text and image form, the other has daily radio emissions and images, also poems.

On Saturday 09. February 2019 Facebook decided those two domains were against their community standards.

For what? For being the only neutral news site? Biniam Simon, the head of Radio Erena has explicit focus on remaining independent of whatever political influences and only bring raw news and let all sides speak.
Recently Radio Erena has left the protected nest of Reporters without Borders, they won a special award by One World Media.
Yet Facebook blocks both domains.

Biniam Simon and Yonathan Habte have sent a lengthy letter to Facebook, which to date remains unanswered.

Update Feburary 12th 2019 12:41 CET: It seems like those domains are unblocked again from being shared.

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