I’m done with EA – here is why

I’m currently going through a bad sleep cycle phase, where I go to bed at 6-8am and get up at 1-4pm.
It’s not great but I’m relaxed. I tried going to bed at 2, 4am but I just can’t sleep.
Yesterday was a “go to bed at 10am” day. I was bored and even if I said that I won’t buy Battlefield 5 earlier to show my protest for what they do I bought it, since it was 50% off.
So I played the game. Almost everyone was level 50 and I was level 1. My K/D was about 5:150.
First thing I noticed, the chat is censored. I hate that. I asked how you can turn off the filter. The response was, “you can’t”.
But one of their developers wrote in September that there will be an option to turn it off.
I thought, hey it’s 2 months later, surely they implemented that.
They didn’t. Ok.
Someone created a thread asking if it’s the people or the game that changed since no one is playing as a squad anymore.
Someone in there replied with the game is made for squads and blah at the end of his one liner was the word clusterfuck.
I quoted his line of 2 sentences in agreement and began explaining how BF2142 was the better game and how they were bullying the 2142 revive project into abandoning their revival.
I didn’t use “bad words” mkay.
Today I log in and read I received a warning. “No swear words”…
What is this kindergarden?
First of all who the fuck is this kid trying to warn me about what I do or not do, when I wasn’t the one to “use swear words”.
I told the mod how about he sucks more dick the cumguzzling cockersucker he is.
So this was a provocation by a moderator.
And there is no place to complain about power tripping mods.
I will not be censored.
Neither in game or forums.
I will write cunt whore nigger bitch slut cock dick ass when ever I feel like it.
And they will never receive a single cent of my money again.

Rot in the filth you are EA and DICE.

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