Current list of boycotted companies

Electronic Arts
– censorship
– moderator power abuse
– condescending behavior

Valve and their Steam platform
– giving game producing companies free reign over their users, not giving a flying fuck about their users
– increasing ban strategy to shut people up
– still not able to re-sell your games once bought

– for banning me for criticizing their “For Honor” game, triggering a 3 month Steam ban

– for censoring me countless times.

Daybreak Games
– for censoring and deleting my forum posts, for banning me for criticizing the Everquest 2 game on their discord.

2k Games
– for censoring and banning me from their forum on Steam. SamBC should our paths ever cross I have a fist the needs to massage your face.

You can see a pattern there. Freedom of speech is important to me. Has always been and will always be.
The moment you try to censor me you are dead to me.

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