What Angular Community?

Angular is an overly complicated and underdocumented language, sorry framework, or toolkit, or whatever you want to call it. It’s not a language, but it feels like one.
I remember a time where people would hang out on IRC or ICQ and help solve problems. You would help them, they would help you. There were forums where you could post and communicate, get to know people and find answers or help people.

Angular? Nothing.
Their Google+ group (who uses Google+ anymore?, it’s really changed for the worse) is full of irrelevant spam.
Angular forums don’t exist, not even an official forum.
Their gitter is populated by arrogant, passive-aggressive assholes.
I have received 0 help there. No I’m lying, there was 1 guy who helped, for all my other questions and I try to help people out, I’ve not once received even a response.
As a result that’s how I’ll handle things from now on regarding Angular.
Anything I learn, and I learn it all on my own since the documentation sucks and the community doesn’t exist, I will keep to myself.
Alternatives are React which other double as many users or vue which is essentially a clone of AngularJS.
Vue community sucks. Anyone who uses Discord as their main form of communication can’t be taken seriously. You ask one question and the response is some pimplefaced nerd who believes he’s smart but really isn’t.
I’m starting to hate people. Starting? No I really hate the developer community and especially the stupid gaming community. Gamers + Facebook users are about the worst type of people.
Anyhow I digress.

Angular has no community and only greedy UI kits. It’s a poorly documented toolkit used by “the new enterprise” who shit on the open source spirit but use it to the fullest for their own benefits.

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