How to build a DPS caster in DDO

In the MMORPG Dungeons & Dragons Online you can build a large number of feat combinations,  I’m going to write about the “DPS Caster” build type.

As a DPS Caster you want spellpower. We attain spellpower through

  • Maximize
  • Empower
  • Quicken

We also want crit chance and mana, so we add

  • Mental Toughness
  • Improved Mental Toughness

This used up 5 of our 7 Heroic feats (8 if Human race).

Usually we have SLA (spell like abilities) in our enhancement trees. Spells are also usually limited in to which level they will scale. For example some spells will only scale to caster level 10, which means if you’re a level 20 spellcaster that spell is only cast at level 10.
To counter that, there a metamagic feat, also we probably want to extend the range of our spells.
Because using metamagic in SLA doesn’t increase the spell cost, we pick and toggle on (right click the spell in the hotbar and set it to always active) those feats:

  • Heighten
  • Enlarge

This is the base template for all damage (or dps) casters. Heighten is a must have, enlarge is optional.

When you reach Epic levels there’s a new set of feats you might want.

The level 21 choice is either Wellspring of Power or Epic Mental Toughness

Wellspring of Power will grant a short time high damage boost on long cooldown. It’s good for boss battles. Usually used once per quest.
Epic Mental Toughness increases your damage passively.
If you can’t be bothered to press an additional button on your hotbar, pick the latter.

The level 22 choice is either one of the Epic Spell Power feats (e.g. Acid, Fire, etc…) or Guardian Angel.
The latter is useful if you don’t have too many past lives. But your strategy as a DPS caster is kill it before it kills you, so I’d advise to take the spellpower feat.
The more you stack those spellpower feats, the more critical damage and spellpower you will have.

Level 24 is a no-brainer – take Intensify.

At level 27 you usually take one of the masteries. You have to decide for yourself which and if it’s worth it. If not, stick with the spellpower feats, but it usually is worth taking the Master of … feat. If nothing else it improves your low damage spells. Low damage in perspective of the Epic level damage spells you attain from Epic Destinies.

For the rest, always take the spellpower feats, even if you don’t cast a certain element. You might want positive spellpower too depending on your class.

Epic Destinies, Draconic Incarnation is the most powerful ED, no matter what, with the exception of bards/sonic spellcasters, because there are no sonic dragons in DDO.

If you’re a Fire or Light caster and you’d like to be a bit more tanky, you can mix it with Exalted Angel or even go full EA. Favored Souls or Clerics might want to take this path.

So, now you know. Have fun with that information and building your DPS caster.

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