Posting thruthful content on Mastodon gets you banned

Posting the truth,
that Ukrainian soldiers joined Hitler’s eastern offensive in WW2, gets you banned on Mastodon, specially, .

There was a butthurt woman who was shocked, yes shocked (or rather posting propaganda) about Twitter allowing @blackrussian to post a recruitment video for Russian troops targetted at American soldiers.

I responded that it’s the same as Ukrainians joining Hitler’s troops in WW2 in the eastern offsensive toward Russia.
I also wrote that both sides of the conflict are posting propaganda.

And that American troops have dropped nuclear waste in Yugoslavia and Iraq and that Americans have commited war crimes and have concetration camps, which are still active to this day. And not a single American soldier had stood trial for their war crimes.

That is the truth. claims that “I’m inciting violence” Me? How so?
Being against war crimes is inciting violence, being against Nazism and Faschism is inciting violence?

I have “submitted an appeal”. We all know how much that is worth in a dictatorship.

Having checked out out the admin of , stux, I can totally see how that ban happened, that instance being operated by a fanatical Ukraine supporter who calls the president of Russia “Putler” ahd has yellow/blue as his avatar background color.

At least Twitter is bound by laws and ran by a company. At Mastodon everyone is their own little dictator who doesn’t follow any rules but their own.

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