PHP Melody nginx config done right

When you buy PHP Melody there’s a .htaccess file and a .htaccess-nginx file.
However you’re missing everything else of it.

So here’s how you properly configure nginx to run PHP Melody.

We assume php-fpm is running on tcp port 9000.
We also have an acme.conf for letsencrypt.
For this we mkdir -p /var/www/acme/.well-known.

I’ve placed it into the /etc/nginx/acme.conf location.

Then we can create our letsencrypt cert using certbot

This part redirects non-https traffic to https and can be used universally for any domain. You only have to change the part for each new domain.

Now still in the same file there’s our PHP Melody nginx configuration and https configuration.

Adjust root to where you’ve unpacked PHP Melody.
And that’s it folks.

I would however strongly suggest against PHP Melody. It’s not a good script. Essential things are missing. They claim they their script has seen 9 years of development. That can hardly be true with obvious bugs being present and unfixed.

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