ngrx is a scam

I would strongly advise against using ngrx. It’s a scam.

It claims to be the solution for everything data related but it’s not. And if you’ve backed this then you’re an idiot.
First of all there is close to no documentation.

They use their Medium account to publish examples but they’re a) outdated and b) incomplete.

Then they have people selling courses. One course costs 129€! Essentially 129€ to watch a video. And they’re asking for backers.

They suppport channels are Stackoverflow, which is a circle jerk of holier-than-thou assholes and gitter which as you can see doing your own investigation doesn’t receive any responses.

What if you use this undocumented piece of software and need help? You’ll have to pay money or, since official support doesn’t exist, you’ll have to throw away your work and move to a better alternative like, ngxs, which isn’t very well documented either.

Don’t use ngrx. It’s a scam.

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