Hetzner Xeon 1245v2 MegaRAID Gentoo Kernel v4.14.11

This is a kernel config for Intel Xeon 1245v2 with LSI MegaRAID Controllers
The particular version of this Kernel config is for Linux kernel 4.14.11


It is certainly optimizable, but works for me TM.

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By Darko Luketic

I'm a freelance developer since 2004. I have been working professionally since 2000. My first contact with computers was the C64 at the age of 11, 1 year later I cracked games and another year later I wrote cracktros.
I worked with PHP professionally for 11 years, nowadays I prefer Angular, Go and Flutter, but I'm open minded. However I would dislike taking a step back to PHP.

My services are for hire.

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