Golang IDE: Why I moved from Jetbrains to Microsoft

You see I’m pretty pissed about Jetbrains. First they turn the buy to own model into a subscription model,
then they develop a Go IDE. But what that’s good, right?
Yeah in theory that’s awesome, if only it didn’t cost the world.

But let me start from the beginning.
I use Webstorm because I do a lot of HTML/CSS/JS editing (let’s not get nitpicky and add ecmascript typescript etc).
Some guy named dlsniper on Github aka Florin Patan then started writing a Go plugin for the non-commercial Jetbrains IntelliJ.
People thought it was a good idea and opened an issue on Jetbrains’ bugtracker. They wanted a Golang IDE.
I supported this. In fact I also added various suggestions for improvement, which were adopted.
For a while life was good, the plugin took shape. I could use the plugin in Webstorm and soon it become my main IDE.
I could do HTML/CSS/JS and Go. Good stuff. And all in 1 IDE.
Then management (or whoever) decided it was time to release and one Webstorm IDE upgrade to the next the Go plugin stopped working. That was in Webstorm 2017.3 .
But I found a solution which involved changing some values in the Go plugin acquired from Jetbrains. Lo and behold, what previously didn’t work, now worked.
And I posted about it and what do you know Jetbrains releases what is essentially a version bump (which could also be worked around).
So now I’m a paying customer of Webstorm, which btw almost doubled in price since the subscription model was introduced, but I can’t use the latest Webstorm and neither do I have to. Because, you see, there is Microsoft and Visual Studio Code.
Visual Studio Code does EVERYTHING Webstorm with the Go plugin does and more + it doesn’t cost anything.

Add to that, that this dlsniper when called out on his bullshit just happily continued spewing marketing babble and trying to sell a subscription to people. Fuck you dlsniper. You’re an asshole.

TL;DR: Use Visual Studio Code and save some money while having the same features and more than you would have with Webstorm and Goland (that’s Jetbrains’ stupid name for their IDE, which costs 200€ / year).

Can anyone elaborate on why I would pay 289€ each year to have less features than with a free VS Code download and plugins?

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