Flatrate ist kein Volumentarif

Liebe oder eher nicht so liebe Mobilfunkanbieter,

Wenn da 16Mbit/s FLATRATE steht und darunter 1GB Transfervolumen, dann ist das keine Flatrate sondern ein Volumentarif.

Wie klagt da eigentlich keiner? Sonst klagen doch auch alle wegen allem und ihrer Mutter

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By Darko Luketic

I'm a self-employed developer since 2004. I have been working professionally since 2000. My first contact with computers was the C64 at the age of 11 where I coded in machine code and assembler. I worked with PHP professionally for 11 years, nowadays I prefer Angular, Go and Flutter, but I'm open minded. However I would dislike taking a step back to PHP. My services are for hire I'm also looking for remote employment.

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