redmine uwsgi nginx on freebsd

Took me 3 days to figure this out. Full, mind draining days.
If I were paid to do this this info would cost at least 1200 EUR.

This is for versions:
FreeBSD 9.1
uwsgi 1.9.12
nginx 1.4.1
redmine 2.3.1

You’re pretty much left on your own in FreeBSD. Google results are terrible.

1. Problem: Rubygems fail on rdoc creation.

modify /etc/make.conf

2. Problem: FreeBSD’s uwsgi port only uses the default buildconf and doesn’t build the rack plugin.

I have installed every dependant port and I don’t know how to turn off warnings as errors. Did I mention that I really hate this nontransparent Makefile system? I hate it.
The LUA plugin doesn’t compile at all, can’t find lua.h
The transformation_toupper, xslt, ssi and v8 plugins display warnings so they fail to compile.
After compiling mono and openjdk uwsgi complains that it can’t find the libjvm.so and uwsgi.dll.
So it comes down to stripping everything down to what works.

The buildconf file. I have saved it in /root/default.ini

You have to compile PHP with the embed sapi so it builds the libphp5.so

3. Problem: uwsgi configuration



Yes the socket: is missing because the init script takes care of that (grr!)
The socket is autonamed /tmp/uwsgi-redmine.sock

For redmine installation check the official docs. They work.

4. Problem: nginx configuration




Mindfuck galore, HTH
Linux > FreeBSD except for ZFS root which is a major pain in the ass on Linux

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