Google Chrome doesn’t delete my cookies

Yesterday I was on a site where I accidentally logged in with a banned account.
So i clicked the “2 pins” icon next to the address field and deleted the “stored data”.

Then i refreshed the page but the cookies were still set, unlike on Firefox, where the cookies are actually deleted.

This has got to be against some EU privacy law.

I will have to get rid of Google Chrome

They introduced “Google Search side panel”.
There is no way I can get rid of it.
There have been various solutions on the net, but none work, not even extensions work.

I don’t want search to open in a side panel.
I want it in a new tab, where I can see the address bar and have full width.

Every topic created on their support forum is closed.

I’ll have to migrate all my passwords to Firefox Sync.
Bookmark migration is not a big deal.
And finally replace Chrome on the phone too with Firefox, despite its call of features.

Google don’t fuck my with search experience, or I’ll get rid of you completely.
Those small Adsense amounts are not worth the trouble with your spying, annoying, racist against stragith white males company.