Google thoughtpolice censoring the word sex

I have a site with Commodore 64 games. It has been going since 2005. That’s 13 years at the time of writing this.
April 2nd 2018 I received a “policy warning” from Google Adsense.

The warning was for the following site

When I asked why, those hipocrites wrote that some people are sensitive when it comes to children and the word sex.

It’s a piece of computer and human history. Hell I was 12 when I played sex games.
Google is evil. We need to destroy it.
Ok maybe not all of Google but a certain branch is bread level of IQ

TLS Handshake Timeouts bei Telekom

Hier eine öffentliche Frage an alle Leser:

Ist jemand Kunde bei der Telekom und hat bemerkt das TLS-Handshakes öfter mal einen Timeout haben?

Aktuell maxcdn. Aber auch so Seiten wie xhamster (ja ich oute mich).
Ich war vorher bei KabelBW/Unitymedia und bin notgedrungen bzw eher durch die faschistische Hausverwaltung zur Telekom genötigt worden.
Bei KBW/UM hatte ich das Problem nie.

Wie ist das bei euch?
Telekom Kunde? Öfter TLS Handshake Timeout?
Eher nicht?

Top 25 most downloaded files on is a Commodore 64 site where you can download games.

This is the the top 25 list of most downloaded files

There is no other reason why some files are colored red and some blue other than the syntax highlighting plugin of this blog.

This makes a list of 25 most downloaded games on,
if you take into account rank 26-30.

  1. Boulderdash
  2. Impossible Mission
  3. Ghostbusters
  4. Hitler Diktator
  5. 1942
  6. Commando
  7. Giana Sisters
  8. Wasteland
  9. International Karate
  10. Winter Games
  11. Pac-Man
  12. Bubble Bobble
  13. Bruce Lee
  14. Donkey Kong
  15. 3D Pacman
  16. Impossible Mission
  17. Space Taxi
  18. Last Ninja 2
  19. California Games
  20. Summer Games
  21. Blue Max
  22. Last Ninja 1
  23. 1000 Miglia
  24. Bruce Lee
  25. Turrican

Angular Development Server behind Nginx with Go API

You’re here because you’d like to know the nginx.conf or rather the vhost conf for nginx in order to serve an Angular dev app on your local host.
Angular listens on port 4200 with ng serve.
In my case I have a keycloak-proxy listening on port 8080.
And my api is on /api/v1/ .
My project is called “dating”.
It’s located at ~/WebstormProjects/dating/ .

So let’s make this simple.

So again this is for the DEVELOPMENT server. Production has different settings.

keycloak: upstream sent too big header while reading response header from upstream

The relevant bits on how to solve this header too big error message

For a whole keycloak listening on default port 8080 example with letsencrypt see below