Session rememberme easy to remember ;)

I was searching around, since it has been a while since I’ve worked at this level with sessions and the gist of it is:

session lifetime = 0 means remove cookie after browser is closed
session lifetime < 0 means remove cookie right now session lifetime > 0 means remove cookie after int seconds

This is valid for everything, gorilla/sessions, php, you name it

Dsero = scam + spam, careful

Long story short, I contacted them on Facebook. I had not once received any spam on Facebook, ever.
A few minutes after I contacted them I received Nigera Spam on Facebook.

Careful. I would advise to not use their “service”.
Their business plan is to get ahold of email addresses and sell them to spammers or use them to send spam themselves.
They do this with their Drupal and WordPress modules.

Nginx and Go through unix socket

Simple setup example

Our nginx vhost:

The Go app

eclipse (kepler) cdt c++11

1. Project settings
Right click your project and properties


C/C++ Build – Settings – LLVM Clang C++ – Miscellaneous

Screenshot from 2013-10-08 14:09:24

Note: Do this for each build configuration (e.g. Debug, Release)
I have not found a better solution yet.

2. Globally add c++11 to the preprocessor

Window – Preferences – C/C++ – Build – Settings – Discovery Tab – CDT GCC Built-in Compiler Settings [Shared]

after the ${COMMAND}

Screenshot from 2013-10-08 14:19:39

archlinux php.ini

Just a FYI.
If you’re using archlinux and wonder why the php.ini in /etc/php/ isn’t parsed,
in my case i’m using uwsgi so the php_sapi_name() returns uwsgi
so i have to