systemd open file limit aka ulimit -n

I’m using archlinux. In /etc/security/limits.conf

Session rememberme easy to remember ;)

I was searching around, since it has been a while since I’ve worked at this level with sessions and the gist of it is: session lifetime = 0 means remove cookie after browser is closed session lifetime < 0 means remove cookie right now session lifetime > 0 means remove cookie after int seconds This […]

Dsero = scam + spam, careful

Long story short, I contacted them on Facebook. I had not once received any spam on Facebook, ever. A few minutes after I contacted them I received Nigera Spam on Facebook. Careful. I would advise to not use their “service”. Their business plan is to get ahold of email addresses and sell them to spammers […]

Nginx and Go through unix socket

Simple setup example Our nginx vhost:

The Go app

eclipse (kepler) cdt c++11

1. Project settings Right click your project and properties add

under C/C++ Build – Settings – LLVM Clang C++ – Miscellaneous Note: Do this for each build configuration (e.g. Debug, Release) I have not found a better solution yet. 2. Globally add c++11 to the preprocessor Window – Preferences – C/C++ – Build – […]