Fuck Google Ads

I launched a new site I wanetd to promote.
I have about 400€ in ad balance in Google Ads.
So I created a campaign in Google Ads.
I now have to provide fucking images, I don’t want image ads, I just want text ads and I’m only paying 0,02€ / click.
So I made screenshots of the website I created, since you had to provide fucking images and uploaded those.
Next day, today, I log into Google Ads again to find a big “REJECTED”.
Listen you fucks, you don’t get to tell me what kind of ads I can use, especially when you fucking force me to provide images, which I don’t want.
It’s MY MONEY and YOU don’t get to say what ads I can and can’t display FOR MY MONEY!!!
Fuck Google and Alphabet. Who the fuck do those wankers think they are?

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