Vue, especially Quasar is the same Kindergarten PHP was around 2013

So I decided I’d drink the kool-aid and try Quasar, the supposedly one size fits all frontend development script.
It uses Vue 2 at the moment of writing. It essentially borrows the hard work of what others did and uses it to make it shine in a supposedly bright light.

Compared to Angular Vue is miles behind in just about everything.
The community is immature and reminds me of the stupidity of PHP’s around 2013.

It’s essentially most accessible for everyone and that’s why it attracts the lowlifes.

If you’re a professional developer I’d suggest you stay away from Vue and especially Quasar.
You’ll end up fighting supposed “experts” who use personal insults to not-answer questions you have.

For instance I wanted to know if they use a webview to essentially wrap the html/js/css output in a webview.
The answer was a personal attack.

Kindergarten Quasar/Vue.

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