Banned by Facebook and Twitter on the same day ;)

How’s the saying go? “Old and busted: Banned by Facebook for writing something, New hotness: Banned by Twitter for trying to insult Facebook”

So there is a Handball team, Frisch Auf Göppingen. They won a match against whoever and I commented on it, because the image showed something like

HCE 23 : 26 FAG

lol fag

I commented: lol fag (I’m still lol-ing as I write this)

What does Facebook do? Ban me from posting, commenting, editing my profile (!) for 3 days
As a result I tweet to @facebook on Twitter “die in a fire”.
What followed is a ban by Twitter lmao.

Well you know what I will do now, I will continue commenting “lol fag” on Facebook and “@facebook die in a fire” on Twitter, as long as I’m not banned there.
And you know why? Because they take offence to that.
If they weren’t so butthurt about it, I wouldn’t have done anything.

Oh btw I’ve now reported the Photo because it contains the word fag, enjoy your own weapons and of course this not be acted upon. Double standards.


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