BCI Better Cotton is a greenwashing scam

If you ever wondered what that green BCI label on the piece of cloth you’re buying means:
It means nothing at all. It means the cotton that was used in producing your piece of cloth might have went through child labor and or forced labor.
It also means that when growing the cotton crops GMO is used as well as herbicides and pesticides.
There is a documentary by a French TV program called “Cotton: The Other Side of Our T-Shirts”.
I watched it on TV now in Croatia, seems like it’s restricted to French countries only.
The following article is the only article I was able to find while searching Google.
I have also added the information to the German BCI Wikipedia page.
This is the article I was able to find:
French Documentary Team Exposes the Dirty Truth About Overseas Cotton
Try searching for BCI scam or similar words yourself. You will not find much at all.
Because BCI is sold as “the better cotton”, the real better cotton, 100% organic cotton is on the decline.

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