Annoying sites embedding Medium as their primary blog

Medium as most tech world inhabitants are probably aware is a blogging platform.
And it so happens that many use it to run their main blog there.
They often have either their main domain or some blog. subdomain C-Named or Frame embedded.
Well it’s super annoying because Medium fills up the history and you can’t use the back button.
You have to mash the back button like 5 times to go back and it’s not guaranteed.
Likewise you’re asked EVERY damned time if you want to accept cookies.

The last site I visited like this was Angular’s blog. I hit the back button, nothing. Hit it again, nothing, mashed it until I landed somewhere I was an hour ago.

Because of this I’m not considering to switch from Angular to Reagent. You can’t even create single page apps and I mean a single page app, an embeddable SPA with Angular. You can however with React / Reagent.

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